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BlockAllow Parental Control Software

BlockAllow is a parental control utility. This software can selectively block or allow viewing websites in Internet Explorer. Optionally this parental control utility can block file downloads

How do I block a website in Internet Explorer?
How do I block Facebook, Myspace, Twitter or Youtube?
Download BlockAllow
BlockAllow Box Shot

You will never have to ask this question again. Just download and install BlockAllow and add a website on your choice on the blocked list. The content of this website will never be displayed in Internet Explorer.

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BlockAllow blocks website by domain name or keywords in the URL. It can even block searches, one like this:
Blocked URL sample
Just enter the search word that you would like to block to the list of blocked keywords, apply settings and the result of the above search string will be blocked.

BlockAllow is great for increasing your employees productivity. Not only it can block websites where workers may waste time, such as Facebook or YouTube, it can block ALL websites except selected ones, such as your company website.

Download BlockAllow (1 MB) for all 32-bit Windows OS, including VIsta and Windows 7

BlockAllow is a shareware. This means you can use it free for 30 days for evaluation purposes. If you like this internet filtering software functionality, you may purchase it. Multiple license discounts are available.


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